May 2, 2006

its your choice

if mankind is going to solve the islamic jihad problem, it had better do it fast otherwise YOU THE INDIVIDUAL will find yourself in the Great Tribulation: and you don’t want that, trust me.

you can place your hope in humanism, secularism, militarism, or whatever, but you will be basically on your own in the trib and it won’t be nice with the disruption to your nice comfy zone that you currently envelope yourself in. the moslems are going to unleash a new holocaust and you are the target. you will have the choice of converting to islam or loosing you head. perhaps they will let you become their slave(dhimmi status). sounds fun? well its coming, do you doubt it, we’ll its your perogative.

the wiser perogative (and i strongly recommend it) is to receive God’s solution:

namely and specifically: to accept Yeshua Ha’Mashiach as Lord and Savior. if you sincerely and honestly do this, then you will be protected from the Great islamic tribulation that is about to be unleashed upon the earth: a time of terrible, unprecedented world wide suffing and misery: warfare, famine, pestilence: NO MORE COMFY ZONE of t.v. suv’s, heavy makeup and sports fanaticism! no more comfy food either: trans fat and hfcs! 🙂 ( i had to throw that in, oh well).

seriously now, turn in your bible to john 3.16 then go to 1 corinthians 15: 3, 4. then turn to romans chapter 10 verses 9,10. and


did you do it? i hope so, you should feed much better and you will now have the islamic problem solved for yourself! ain’t it great! God really loves you! take care. forrest shalom


May 1, 2006

/”>Terror Alert Level

backed into a corner

April 30, 2006

backed into a corner

i’m referring to israel. every day the moslems get stronger, bolder, better armed, and a little more devilshly resourceful. practically every day i hear of some wonderful gentile nation selling or giving advanced weaponry to israel’s enemies.

well israel, what do you plan to do about it? do you think that by “being nice” the moslems will be nice with you? hardly!

i guess you’ll just have to suffer until you cry uncle, as the one you trust: UNCLE SAM abandons and betrays you. you should be able to see it coming.

at some point you will have to see that you need YESHUA: his name means SALVATION!

Zec 12:10 And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

may God bring this to pass quickly in our day.

the clock is ticking

April 30, 2006

well its sunday or (yom rishon in hebrew), april 30, 2006 and in spite of the thousands of words interchanged in the past 24 hours everywhere; NOTHING TANGIBLE IS BEING DONE by our political leaders TO DEAL WITH THE THREAT TO OUR SURVIVAL coming from the Islam!

noone seems to get it yet. will they before its too late? if appropriate action is not taken soon to deal islam a death blow, we
are going to find ourselves in a very dangerous situation.

the seeds of islam are being sown by the devil in every western country. as these seeds grow the threat level increases. when these seeds become numerous enough the islam begins to flex its muscles
and begins to orchestrate to dominate the host culture.

the world seems impotent to deal with the islam! how many people have to die before
someone wakes up and does something to stop the mad killing in the name of allah?

even in israel islam is respected as a legitimate religion. how ironic and symbolic is the picture of jews praying to God facing
the western wall with the golden moslem mosque towering overhead on the temple mount? periodically, moslem suicide bombers kill or maim dozens of innocent people in the name of their demon god!

why does israel tolerate it? why not hit the moslems back hard enough to put the fear of God in them and gain a little respect?

life is not viewed as sacred anymore. a few
dead people and ruined lives doesn’t matter
enough to take appropriate action. the individual doesn’t count. if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then BOOM your are a goner! and what will
your government do to alleviate this intolerable situation? next to nothing, i’m afraid. are we all destined to bow down to allah and mohammed?

ask yourself if you want to be a slave in an
islamic state either as a converted moslem or as a dhimmi?

i for one will not!

God help us if we are not heading towards
the time when He is scheduled to intervene
directely again in human affairs!

personally, i believe He is. the Messiah is our hope and our ANSWER to prayer. Jesus (Yeshua) will not leave the Christian to suffer the wrath of God on a Christ rejecting world.

while the whole world has its head in the sand regarding the islam problem and its severity and where its heading, the real christian can find comfort and hope that
God will not suffer his children to enter the
Great Tribulation.

Jesus warned that this terrible time of worldwide judgement and suffering would
come as a thief in the night to the unsaved!
at the same time the discerning christian would be watching for the signs of His coming and be prepared.

if my prophetic interpretations are correct,
we will be seeing MASSIVE conversions to islam in the west! i believe this is the APOSTACY foretold in the scripture. at the same time we must be watching for the gentile antichrist to appear who guarantees
the upcoming israeli/moslem peace treaty.

according to scripture, these TWO things must happen before Christians go home in
the Rapture.

Islam at the Church Door! by Judah

April 29, 2006

judah’s website:

Judah’s Journal

Islam stops at the church door

{clip} … Church leaders have decided there is no place for the call to prayer, known as The Adhan, in St Paul’s Church in Paraparaumu.

But though The Adhan cannot be sung, “in a spirit of generosity and reconciliation” a recording of it will be played in the church foyer to cover the choir’s silence.

The 110 members of the combined Kapiti Chorale and Kapiti Chamber Choir are scheduled to perform The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace in the church this weekend.

The composition also includes texts from the Koran and the Hindu Mahabharata, but the church has not asked for them to banned.

Archdeacon Perris said:
“For some people the idea that another faith’s statement of belief be proclaimed inside a consecrated Christian church building is offensive. Other people hold totally opposite views. We could not ignore people coming to us, including choir members, voicing concern that it was contrary to their beliefs that a declaration of Islamic faith should be proclaimed inside our sacred space.”

Mohammad Amir, Wellington Muslim community religious adviser said:
“The nature of The Adhan is that the music does not go with it.”
… but that there was no reason The Adhan could not be performed inside an Anglican church – just that it was inappropriate for it to be accompanied by music.

I don’t feel entirely comfortable about having other religions creep into Church this way. I really do wonder why the Church should be using texts from other religions. There are plenty in Scripture to cover every situation that I can imagine.
But then, what about secular texts such as inspirational poetry? Some of that is very Christian in flavour.
Oh, and some of those hymns that get sung do have rather dubious words: “And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England’s mountains green? And was the holy Lamb of God on England’s pleasant pastures seen? …” (Hymn #578, BCP – “Jerusalem“)
Why allow heterodox hymns and maybe not orthodox poems? It is all just a little tricky, I guess.

I am glad that Archdeacon Perris took a stand. Knowing what I do about Islam, I think I would have taken an even stronger stand. Rather than confuse the Islamic Allah with our triune God, I would prefer to have the Adhan reserved for use in mosques where the call to prayer to Allah is not confused with prayer to Our Father God. Allah and the Judeo-Christian God are definitely not one-and-the-same, their characters being entirely different in too many respects.

Mr Amir can speak only for Islam when he says that the Adhan can be performed inside an Anglican Church – and I am perfectly happy to trust that was all he intended by his words. The Church of England needs to make the ruling on that, and I have no idea if it has or not, or what such a ruling would be. I hope such a ruling would support the decision made by Archdeacon Perris, but knowing the strong liberal voice undermining Christianity in the Church of England at present, I could not be at all confident of that.

comment: i foresee large scale conversions to islam from nominal christians in the near future in what the bible calls the apostacy!

Sweden refusing Military Exercise with Israel

April 29, 2006

From Haaretz Newspaper in Israel:

Sweden called off its participation in international air force exercises in Italy next month because of the involvement of the Israel Air Force.

Swedish Defense Minister Leni Bjorklund said that her country is withdrawing because of the participation of “a state that does not take part in preserving international peace.”

An Israeli government source responded, “The lack of sympathy for Israel in Sweden is out of proportion. Some government ministers spearhead the most anti-Israel approach in all of Europe.”


this is very unwise for sweden as it stands by and its women are raped by saracen invaders! they think that by appeasing
the moslems that they will go easy on them.


Dubya approves of Dubai’s buying Doncasters

April 28, 2006

hat tip to avi green.

ahref=’http://: telchaination/a.

Telchai Nation

comments avi green:

Uh oh. Here’s something that anyone who didn’t like the Dubai ports deal might want to take notice of. From Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush approved Dubai’s $1.24 billion takeover of Doncasters, a British engineering company with U.S. plants that supply the Pentagon, the White House said on Friday.

The decision, announced by White House spokesman Scott McClellan, followed a congressional uproar over security fears that scuttled another Dubai state-owned company’s plan to acquire operations at major U.S. ports.

The interagency Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States sent its confidential recommendation on the Dubai takeover of Doncasters to Bush on April 13.

“The president this morning accepted the committee’s recommendation,” McClellan said. “The committee recommended approval of the transaction after closely scrutinizing it and concluding that it would not compromise our national security.”

comments av green:

Just how do you know that this won’t compromise things, McClellan? This calls for some serious attention, and maybe even a boycott of Doncasters products, if you ask me! Because it could be dangerous for America’s defenses, and considering that this is an enemy country that’s buying the company, that’s one more reason why this deal shouldn’t be seen as legitimate. All concerned should contact their representatives ASAP.

The InCompetent War by @Mark Alexander

April 28, 2006

mark is an englishman sounding the alarm of islamic jihad! his weblog entitled: “A New Dark Age is Dawning” can be visited at:


Friday, April 28, 2006
’The Incompetent War’!

If ever there was an admission of failure by the Bush Administration, then this is it! The war being waged against the United States and the rest of the West is now called ‘The Long War’! It should never have been allowed to come to this.

The US is doing Saudi Arabia’s dirty work for it! Why? Because GWB and his administration have been too timid to wage the war as it should have been waged: with clear thinking, sound strategy, courage, fortitude and resolve! And with the determination to win at all costs!

The day after 9/11, the Saudis should have been put in the hot seat. They should have been told that it was their responsibility to track down Osama bin Laden and his henchmen, not ours, i.e. not the US’s! Further, they should have been put on notice: The US’s support for the régime is dependent on their co-operation to find these savages.

Why on earth should the US foot the bill of tracking down these savages anyway? Has the West gone mad? After 9/11, so much was made of the fact that the US was not at war with Islam. The fact of the matter is clear though: Islam was, and still is, at war with the West. The West shouldn’t have allowed the King of Saudi Arabia – who is, after all the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, and therefore the supposed head of the faith – to get away with hiding behind a smokescreen. They should have been told: Find these people, or else!

George W Bush has been making excuses for Islam. This, we all know. He has come out with ridiculous statements about the loving and kind nature of Islam, statements which are so obviously false. In short, he has placed the West on the defensive. What he should have done is place the West on the offensive by placing the Saudis on the defensive. No war was ever won on the defensive. And this war will be no different. We will not win it this way. Be sure of that!

The Saudi régime depends on the US for its continued existence. The rulers should have been told that if they expect the US (and the rest of the West) to keep on propping it up, then they had better track OBL & Co. down forthwith. If their dynasty would have been put on the line like that, then they would have pulled out all the stops to track down and find the people who are now wreaking havoc with the West.

Political leaders the West over are blinded by oil. Their thinking is therefore muddled. The money being made in the West by the top echelons – and being made often in a corrupt manner – means that the West has been locked into this protracted war. As the saying goes: Our leaders are trying to have their cake and eat it, too. But it won’t work. The result of this protracted war might well bankrupt the States. That, by the way, has always been a stated aim of OBL. The US is playing into his hands!

Why should the Americans allow themselves to be bankrupted like this? Why not let the Saudis, with all their new riches from oil do the spending? They wish to be propped up; so let them pay for it. Why should the American taxpayer foot the bill? And why, indeed, should the taxpayers in the rest of the West foot the policing bills that all this Islamic terrorism is creating? This is ludicrous!

The fact is, however, that Bush and his administration, and the governments of other Western countries, are running scared of Islam. No war will ever be won that way! Name me a war that was ever won when fought from a timid position!

The Saudi régime should be made to feel scared, not Bush and his administration. The royal family of Saudi Arabia would have a great deal to lose if the US suddenly withdrew its support for their régime. For the Saudi royals know that their régime is deeply unpopular at home. The country is, after all, being run like a private family business, with the royals taking a healthy cut of all the contracts going into the country.

I remember well the time when the then leader of Romania, Nicolai Ceauscescu, was heavily criticized for running that country as a private business. It had made the man extremely rich, and, rightly, it was thought to be malpractice on his part, as well it should have been. But for some inexplicable reason, when it comes to the oil-rich kings, princes and sheiks of the Gulf, the practise is thought to be acceptable, even when the average Saudi is kept very short of money! How strange! And how hypocritical our Western leaders can be when big oil and armaments deals are at stake!

It goes without saying that we need to get the better of this jihad being waged against us. We need to crush it before it crushes us! But as things stand at the moment, we are not going to be able to do that. This is why our strategy needs to be changed, and changed rather quickly, before too much more serious damage is done to Western economies. In short, we need to place the unpopular Saudi royal family on the defensive, we need to put them on the spot, we need to make them take the initiative, we need to make them fight this war for us.

It is not for Bush and Blair to talk about Osama bin Laden as being a renegade who doesn’t speak for his faith. Let the Saudis do the talking! If they consider him (and his cronies) to be renegades, then it should be up to them to find them and punish them.

We need to start fighting this war against the jihad as a real war, for a real war it most certainly is. The kid gloves need to be taken off. If we don’t start fighting this real war soon, instead of this phony war we are engaged in, we will fail; and the fate of the West will be sealed. As things stand, the war we are now waging would be more accurately called ‘The Incompetent War’! For incompetent it indeed is!

©Mark Alexander

American/Saudi Military cooperation

April 28, 2006

with friends like the saudis who needs enemies?!

this type of relationship can only end in disaster for the usa.



WASHINGTON [MENL] — After nearly two years of negotiations, Saudi Arabia and the United States have agreed on the next phase of a project to modernize the Saudi National Guard.

Officials said the Saudi National Guard, under the command of King Abdullah, has approved a $918 million plan that would replace many of the combat vehicles and light weapons in the 100,000-member force. The plan represents an expansion of a National Guard modernization program launched in 2003.

“This project has significantly improved our defense and military cooperation with the Saudi National Guard,” an official said. “The National Guard will become a modern military force with capabilities in border and regional security.”

Under the modernization program, the U.S. Army would convert the Saudi National Guard into a regional ally of Washington. Officials said the guard would require a massive amount of equipment for security and counter-terrorism operations.

Partners in Crime!

April 21, 2006

America’s Elites and Saudi Money
by Lee Kaplan
April 20th, 2006

On March 29th, 2006 the drive-by media failed to report the scuttling of a new bill in the House of Representatives. H.R. bill 609 would have amended the Higher Education Act of 1965 and required America’s colleges and universities to report any donations received from Saudi Arabia as part of the Title VI international education bill. The new bill, dubbed the Burton Amendment to the College Access and Opportunity Act, was put before one chamber of Congress by Congressman Dan Burton [R-IN], and would have required US colleges and universities to report such donations through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), a publicly available and searchable database.

According to an aide to Congressman Burton, the amending bill made it past committee and when presented on the House floor was about to be put to a voice vote where a simple “yea” or “nay” vote would have led to its passage. George Miller [D-CA], as leader of the Democratic caucus stated his side had no objections to the bill just before a vote was held. But when the voice vote was requested, someone from the floor said “no,” thus requiring a roll call vote where each representative would be recognized on how he voted on the matter.

In what should have been a shoo-in, the amendment was voted down at the last minute on a roll call vote 306 to 120. Miller himself, who raised no objections to the amendment moments earlier, voted down the bill when his identity could be linked to its passage along with the rest of the House.

This illustrates the sway of Saudi money – even in our own Congress, the “voice of the people.”

Our educational system is, if anything, worse. As we are working hard to secure our borders from terrorism and fighting terrorist movements overseas, the same people who are financing much of the world’s terrorism are pouring money into American colleges and universities with the intent of undermining support for our government’s efforts in the War on Terror.

American universities – those idealists who claim racism, misogyny, religious persecution and violations of human rights are antithetical to their mission – are more than willing to accept funding from the Wahhabist Saudi regime that practices such behaviors. The funds go to set up Middle East Studies centers that serve to indoctrinate future generations of American college students to support the goals of overseas terrorists and dictators. These centers also promote outreach programs in which teachers and professors in our local communities are trained and provided with curricula that preach a radical anti-democratic, anti-American, and frequently anti-Semitic agenda in our primary and secondary school classrooms. Our children are their targets.

Two years ago, I began writing about how pervasive Saudi funding at American colleges had become, only to see the problem escalate. Saudi expenditures in American colleges have far exceeded the funding spent on propaganda by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Yet for all the “educational assistance” sent abroad, Saudi Arabia’s own illiteracy rate has remained at nearly 50% of its population. Rather than spending money to teach their own people to read, the Saudis are busy with a public relations campaign to export support for their despotic regime to the US.

Future generations of Americans are being indoctrinated because college administrators just want the money. Imagine if during the Cold War, Congress stood by and allowed the Soviet Union openly to pour millions of dollars into our nation’s colleges and universities to promote anti-American textbooks endorsing communism in our classrooms, or if Hitler had staffed German Studies departments with Nazis to promote the glory of the Third Reich during the Second World War, and you can get the picture.

Most of the terrorists who are killing American soldiers in Iraq have been found to be Saudi nationals. The Saudis have always funded Hamas and have offered to fund the new Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority now that the US government, Canada and a few others have refused to do so.

The US State Department has just reissued 21,000 Saudi “student visas” under pressure from American universities who want the lucrative full price tuition revenue added to their coffers. It can be counted on that many of these students will also be sent with the goal of political activism for the Wahhabist regime and Islamist causes on our campuses. That’s about the same number of Saudi students that were here on 9/11.

Meanwhile, Saudi propaganda, in their own television and print, still vilifies the West and Jews and continues to roil the conflict in the Middle East against Israel and our presence in Iraq.

Congressman Burton intends to reintroduce his bill in the near future. It is high time the public rises up and demands it be passed. Meanwhile, a bill exposing who gets campaign money from Saudi Arabia in Congress should be the next thing on the agenda.

Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist and contributor to Front Page Magazine. He is currently working on a book: A New Kind of War: America’s College Campuses as a Battleground in the War on Terror.